Guidelines for Gathering

Guidelines for Gathering - Updated 10/3/2020

Since we are such a small group we are not asking you to wear a mask. Please feel free to wear one if you prefer.

We will limit seating to every other row. Leave 3 chairs between yourself and others to provide adequate spacing.

We will sing but will remain seated and will ask you to sing softly. If you feel you should sing out please wear a mask.

We will take an offering. Only the usher will touch the offering plate.

We will serve the Lord's Supper the first Sunday of each month as usual using prepackaged individual servings.

We will have our time, "The Word from the body". If you wish to participate you will need to come up front to the microphone.

We will have a fellowship time afterwards. We will try to respect distancing guidelines.

We will have additional exits open after church to minimize restrictions after the service.

The church session will continue to evaluate the need for these restrictions. Please let us know here, or here, how you feel about them. Our goal is to protect the most at-risk individuals in our community as well as be considerate of those who interact with them or others who feel they need to take precautions.

Thank you all for your cooperation.