Frequently Asked Questions

How long is the service?

Our worship service runs about 1 hour and 15 min.

What about kids?

Children are welcome to stay for the entire worship service. If parents prefer, after the offering, children also have the opportunity to go to Sunday school.

What’s the service like?

We offer a relaxed and engaging service. We start with our worship team leading a combination of contemporary Christian music and classic hymns.

We then have a time called, "The Word from the Body". It is an opportunity for our members to share some verses from the Bible which have blessed them. We love hearing the Word of God from each other in this personal way and it is always a blessing and encouragement to our community. We conclude this time with prayer and thanksgiving.

After the prayer time and before the sermon we collect an offering. Only members are expected to give so if you are a guest, please don't feel obligated.

Next, our Pastor will give a sermon based on the Bible. It usually lasts about 20 minutes and unless you are sleep deprived will not put you to sleep :-). After the sermon our worship team leads in a final song, the pastor gives a closing blessing, and you are dismissed.

How do people normally dress?

Casual and comfortable.